GeoTeam ChinaHybrid Track Record

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This is a list of the some if the most brazen ChinaHybrid companies the GeoTeam investigated and informed the public about details surrounding each story.

Co. Notes Report Date Price at time of breaking story Halted De-listed Price
  • The company transferred all of the U.S. shareholders interest to the Chairman and an investment firm in China.
  • It appeared that U.S. shareholders only had minimal ownership of Shanxi Coal cash flows; a far cry from the 90% interest in PUDA’s mining operations as portrayed in the company’s filings.
  • Strikingly complex ownership interest transaction histories w/r/t Shanxi Coal and Shanxi Puda Mining.
  • The Company admitted its wrong doing.
  • SAIC filings was main source used to prove fraud.
Apr 8, 2011 ~$10.00 Yes Yes <$0.05
  • OTGDD proved that the company was misappropriating funds.
  • YUII never acquired 13 farms from Dajiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
  • The company may have misappropriated $12.1 million, misleading investors about the use of this money for the Dajiang farms acquisition.
  • Company quickly admitted to wrong doing.
  • The auditor resigned
Jun 3, 2011 $5.05 Yes Yes <$0.20
  • Our OTGDD showed that CGPI did not own the land they have claimed to have owned to operate their cemetery business.
  • We purchased two cemetery plots from a CGPI sales rep, proving that the company was exaggerating the sale price of its cemetery plots.
  • The Cemetery Business Service License of Guiyuan Cemetery had been revoked/suspended.
  • Guiyuan Cemetery Company was not permitted to continue its cemetery business.
  • Company eventually conceded to the facts presented by GeoInvesting.
  • CFO resigned on April 22, 2011
Mar 3, 2011 $3.00 No Voluntarily went dark <$0.05
  • Our OTGDD proved the company was materially exaggerating its manufacturing capacity and customer relationships.
April 26, 2011 $3.65 Yes Yes <$0.15
  • Our OTGDD proved this company  essentially had no operations.
May 27, 2011 $2.28 Yes Yes <$0.05
  • Our OTGDD indicated that the price the company paid for one of its parcels of land was significantly higher than what the land was worth.
  • Redchip ignored our findings.
  • We concluded that the company likely misappropriated company funds through this purchase of land.
  • After indicating that on several occasions that it had sufficient capital to conduct operations, the Company is experiencing a liquidity crunch currently with an extremely low level of working capital, and will be unable to continue to spend on auditing and other professional services that are required for a public company.
Feb 1, 2011 $2.02 No Voluntarily went dark <$0.05
  • Analysis of SAIC filings indicated several suspicious details/related party transactions regarding acquisitions.
April 5, 2011 $4.16 No No <$0.50
  • We performed on the ground due diligence (OTGDD)
  • Interviewed receptionist and adjacent businesses.
  • Evidence supporting our view that shareholder had no claim to SBAY’s potential revenue.
  • We could not locate/verify the more than 1500 employees SBAY claimed to have.
  • Auditor Resigned
Mar 24, 2011 $7.20 Yes Yes $0.00
  • Performed OTGDD which revealed that LPH operations are virtually non-existent
  • Wholesale petroleum business is virtually non-existent
  • Inconsistencies in SEC filings
  • Non-disclosed $32 million investment in a tourism business made a subsidiary, Shanxi Zhonghe Energy Conversion Co., Ltd.
  • Eerie ties to Puda Coal
  • We question SAT/SAIC filings disclosed by LPH on June 29, 2012 for the calendar year 2011
Jan 3, 2013 $2.30 Yes TBD <$0.10

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